Enzyme Preparations

Enzyme preparation from biological (including the animals and plants, microbial extract) with the material, biological catalysis ability with other ingredients used in food processing speed, profile0 and improve the quality of products, food products as enzyme preparation. Enzymatic synthesis of plasma cells are creatures of high catalytic activity, because the protein from biology, so usually called “biological catalyst”. Because of the high efficiency, enzyme catalysis with specificity and etc, so mild conditions and get attention, is widely used in food processing, improve product quality, reduce cost, saving material and energy, environmental protection etc produced great economic benefits and social benefit. Using the method of microbial ferment produce enzyme preparation is far superior to the extracted plant organs and follower of enzyme preparation, has become the main source of enzyme preparation industry. With the enzyme preparation applications in food ferment industry, the sales of enzyme preparation has more than 1.3 billion dollars. Our production enterprises have enzyme preparation almost 200, 1994, enzyme preparation for 15 million t production.

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